The DVR USES THE REAL TIME OS and embedded MCU with 4/8 /16 channel. It has Features of both the digital video Recorder (DVR) and digital videoserver (DVS). It can work standalone or be used to used build a powerful network, widely used in surveillance fields.

  • Real-time 400 FPS live image and digital recording
    Maximum 1600 GB storage capacity Download via IP Network
    Supports 8 HDD maximum & each HDD Can maximum support 2000GB
    Easy remote control \mouse control
    Build in motion detection with search function
    H. 264 video compression algorithm and each ch can be real time
    Pentalex (live Display, Playback, Record, Backup & Network)
    Static IP (TCPIIP, DHCP, FTP, PPOE) support
    ATM/POS transaction data recording and search
    Support USB flash disk, USB hard disk, USBexternal CD-RW , usb External DVD- R/W, IDE CD- R/W and IDE DVD R/W For backup
    4 channel audio input/1 Channel audio output
    Spot monitor for single channel monitoring and playback
    Supports composite Video Output and VGA Output Direct IE / Remote Software / play back Soft ware
    IR remote Control of the system and PTZ / Remote / Mouse Control
    Preview Resolution- 704*576 (4CIF) Playback Res.- 704*288 (2CIF)